Fellow Scouts and Scouters,
The effects of the pandemic continued to ripple through the year. But as we have proved, Scouts and our Scouting programs are resilient. We persevered while making trustworthy decisions and remaining loyal to each other and our mission.

Scouting is about leadership. It is about character, citizenship, and engaging in our communities in ways that make a difference. Youth who are involved in our Scouting programs are more likely to graduate from high school and college. They are more likely to engage with their families and friends, and are more likely to value diversity and a whole lot of other things that truly make a difference in the lives of human beings and families. That’s what our Scouts do.

We change the way that children grow up. We help them grow into positive adults. We are proud of what we do. We do it in a safe way that allows kids to become better people.

Yours in Scouting,

Council President Mr. James L. ” JP” Morgan
Scout Executive/CEO Mario Perez
& Council Commissioner Julia Mae-Shen Lesko



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Cub Scouts

Children ages 5-10 have fun with their friends and family while learning valuable lessons that will help them in life.

Cub Scouts
Cub Scout Packs

 Scouts BSA

Children ages 11-18 focus on service, community engagement, and leadership development while leading their own activities.

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Explorers & STEM Youth

Young adults age 13-20 engage in exciting activities and one-on-one mentorship as they discover their future careers.

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Venturing & Sea Scouting

In these coed programs, young adults ages 13-20 discover a world of excitement full of adventure, service, and leadership.

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Number of Camperships

NCAC Scouts returned to summer camp this year with high energy and passion for the outdoors. The Goshen Scout Reservation, Camp William B. Snyder, Camp Catoctin, and Camp Wall continue to provide pivotal programs to Scouts from throughout NCAC and across nation. 

Camp Snyder


Goshen Scout Reservation Attendance


Day Camp Attendance


1,873 youth participated in shop activities in 2022 which was a 43% increase from 2021.Youth activities were held on 123 days therefore hosting activities on 1/3 of all calendar days

The Woodshop welcomed its first female youth volunteers
Adult and youth female volunteers make up approximately 1/3 of the volunteer team

Baloo the Builder Workshop attendance had 323 total attendees by year end.  In addition, the Webelos Build It workshop (introduced a year later) ended 2022 with 113 inception to date attendees.

Helped build 1474 Pinewood Derby cars since inception of the program.


Realizing the importance of STEM education, this year NCAC adopted STEM Scouts® program after is was discontinued by national BSA. Now, our program is focused on fun ways for girls and boys in three divisions: grades 3-5; grades 6-8; and grades 9-12 to learn more about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The educational content, developed and vetted by STEM educators, is designed to be immersive and to inspire teamwork, problem solving, and independent thinking through hands-on activities delivered directly to the unit, this 26-week program is ultimately designed to be challenging, thought-provoking and, especially, fun. 

Notable STEM Project

The Stem2Share Eagle Scout project by Kellen targeted low-income and disadvantaged students to consider STEM careers by building Raspberry Pis for the students to access, the project produced added value through content that could be viewed by all students in the form of a STEM video library on Youtube and STEM Quotes on twitter and Instagram.



  • 28%—$ 1,450,058 Camping Revenue
  • 22%—$1,696,147 Other
  • 18%—$1,450,058 Friends of Scouting
  • 11%— $871,824 Special Events
  • 7%—$547,018 Product Sales
  • 7%—$548,801 Activity Revenue
  • 4%—$346,785 Investments
  • 2%—$132,411 Foundations
  • 1%—$66,844 Sale of Supplies
  • 79%—$6,211,742 Program
  • 13%—$987,865 Fundraising
  • 8%—$653,054 Management & General

Raised on Giving Tuesday

2022 Sponsorship Total
Volunteer Participants for Work Weekends at Camp

This year, the Goshen Scout Reservation premiered “Volunteer Work Weekends” in collaboration with the Goshen Staff Alumni Association to give members of NCAC a chance to give back the camps they love and create service opportunities. Camp William B. Snyder also introduced  ” Sawdust Saturday”, volunteers assist with structural repair projects.



Prepared. For Life.

Trevor, a Scout from Prince George’s County, MD, was recognized with a national heroism award when he acted after recognizing that his grandmother was having a stroke and she is alive today because of his actions. 

Community Service

Notable Eagle Scout Service Projects

Tristin extensively restored an outdoor area for a senior center by removing dead trees, deteriorating planter boxes, and rotting horseshoe pits, picnic tables, and benches, then following ADA guidelines to install composite wood tables and benches along with planters that he designed.

Ian organized the collection of a large number of donations to serve mothers in need by partnering with local churches, local stores, his fellow scouts, and other community members to provide baby items, clothing, diapers, formula, and other essentials.

Brian and his Troop converted a room in a church previously used for storage into a food pantry which positively impacted the lives of those looking for quality food who are not able to afford it due to unemployment or homelessness. People struggling with hunger now have another option to feed themselves.

Notable Environmental & Conservation Service Project

Jonathan Rummel received the Glenn A. and Melinda W. Adams National Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award.  Jonathan, built and deployed artificial fish habitats, also known as fish attractors at six different locations at Burke Lake. He used three different types of artificial habitats at each of the six sites including, wood pallet, bucket trees, and hose matrix. He worked with Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) to deploy the habitats and a Virginia State fisheries biologist to approve the plan. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many more people had time to fish, and many became interested in this outdoor hobby. As a result, the fishing pressure greatly increased. Fishing habitats provide areas for baitfish to thrive and give the predator fish good forage.

Notable Global/Community Outreach Service Projects

Nicholas, a Life Scout from Chantilly,VA, explained, “When the Russian invasion of Ukraine started in February of 2022, one of my close friends shared concerns about his family in Kyiv, Ukraine, and the hardship they had to face to survive from Russian bombing of their homes and neighborhood. I started thinking about how I might be able to help.” He embarked on a project to mobilized his Troop and community to meet the overwhelming needs in medical supplies, baby items, and food for the war-torn country. He learned about and took advantage of free advertising credits to run ads on digital networks and used local blogs and publishing platforms to inform local neighbors. From these initial efforts the project gathered and packed almost 80 boxes of food, baby items, and medical supplies, and collected 70 boxes of diapers. After placing fliers on 3,000 houses, his volunteers collected and packed an additional 55 boxes, showing their resilience during poor weather conditions and heavy rain at the collection time. “I am very proud of the work my Troop and I did because of its impact and because it helped to save lives. I want people to know about the work that takes place to support Ukraine and other countries in the same circumstances around the world,” said Nicholas.

Photo credits : Scout Life magazine

A group of Scouts from NCAC banded together to crate first aid kits to send to the people of Ukraine. The kits where lightweight and provided essentials like gauze and bandages.


Merit Badges Earned


New Eagle Scouts


Cub Scout Ranks Earned


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Supernova Awards


Quartermaster Award


Venturing Summit Awards

Sydney is pictured above (right) along with Lauren (left) who also earned the Edison Supernova,
and Mr. Bruce Donlin (center), the Supernova Mentor for both scouts. 

Sydney was able to complete a coding project, shadow a Heliophysicist, and mentor cub scouts introducing them to STEM. Scouts earn the Super Nova award by excelling in various creative STEM projects. She is also NCAC’s first female Scout BSA to earn Silver Supernova Award.


Executive Board

Council Officers

Council President
Mr. James L. ” JP” Morgan

Council Commissioner
Ms. Julia Mae-Shen Lesko

General Counsel
Mrs. Nicole Smith

 Mr. Daniel Kotter

Secretary/Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Craig A. Poland

VP District Operations
Mr. Roy “Rick” Rogers, IV

VP Program Impact
Col. Christian Griggs

VP Finance
Mr. Bobby Burchfield

Executive Board

Babbitt, Mr. J Randolph
Batten, Mr. Joshua
Bothwell, Ms. Maria
Bourke, Dr. Michael
Braniff, Ms. Mimi
Brown, Mr. Barry
Caldeira, Mr. Stephen J.
Cave, Mr. George F.
Coffee, Mr. Brett
Davis, COL Kenneth P., USA (Ret.)
Dougan, Dr. Arden
Edwards, Mr. Dale
Ely, Mr. Karl
Etherton, Jonathan L.
Filipowicz, Mr. Mitch
Flott, Mr. Andrew
Franco, Mrs. Angela

Gray IV, Mr. W. Scott
Gurtz, Mr. Dennis M.
Herrera, Dr. Stephanie
Horton, CAPT Forrest, USN (Ret.)
Jones II, Mr. Jimmie
Kyle, Mr. Robert
Levick, Esq., Mr. Richard S.
McKay, Mrs. Allison
McKeever, Jr., Mr. Thomas J.
Mitchell, Ms. Jeanne O.
Monroe, Mr. Ned
Montgomery, Mr. John B.
Napoleon, Mr. Vincent J.
O’Brien, Ms. Julia L.
Pantuso, Mr. Peter

Rasmussen, Mr. Eric
Reinhard, Mrs. Courtney
Richardson, Mr. David
Rinaldi, Mr. Paul
Rooney, Mr. Patrick
Simon, Mr. Terry
Skelton, Mr. Robert
Weston, Maj. Gen. Craig P., USAF (Ret.)
Widmann, Mr. Arden “Art”
Witt, Mr. Daniel A.
Whitlock Jr., Rev. Dr. Mark E.
Wood, Mr. Robert D.
Young, Mr. James

District Chairs

Barrett, Mr. Ken (Colonial)
Benson, Mr. Howard (Patuxent)
Carmichael, Mr. Dave (Sully)
Carter, Mr. Norman (Aquia)
Dexter, Mr. William (Patriot)
Donohue, Mr. Darryl (U.S. Virgin Islands)
Kilduff, Mr. John (George Mason)
Marrs, Mr. Aaron (Washington, DC)
Meyer, Mr. Ron (Goose Creek)
O’Reilly, Ms. Fran, (Chain Bridge)

Parrish, Mr. Michael (Francis Scott Key)
Robusto, Mr. John (Western Shore)
Shelley, Mr. Hunter (Seneca)
Sprinkle, Mr. Kenneth (Potomac)
Stoner, Mr. Travis (Mattaponi)
Taylor, Mr. Roland (Powhatan)
Totten, Mr. William (White Oak)
Trude, Mr. Charles (Piedmont)
White, Mr. Ulysses “Xerk” (Prince William)

Advisory Committee

Arntson, Mr. Peter A.
Augustine, Mr. Norman R.
Bauknight, Mr. Karl
Chance, Rev. Dr. Robert
Charpentier, Mr. Charles P.
Crayton, Jr., Mr. Clarence
Davidson, Dr. Charles N.
Davis, LTG Russell C., USAF (Ret.)
Eplee, Mr. Gene
Feddeman, Mr. Edward G.
Iscoe, Judge Craig S.
Ives, Mr. Perry N.
Lewis, Mr. Garry Marvel, Dr. Kevin B.

McFadden, Mr. Chauvon
Minchew, Mr. J. Randall
Mitchell, Mr. James E.
Murray III, Christopher C.
Niño, Mr. José F.
Palenscar, Mr. Daniel
Pocalyko, Mr. Michael N.
Ramsey, Mr. Phillip
Roy, Mr. Charles J.
Silversmith, Mr. Gary
Sterne, Mr. Robert G.
Tuck, Mr. John C.
Winch, Jr., Mr. Gary W.
Yarbrough, Mr. Edwin

Honorary Committee

Adolphi, Mr. Ronald L.
Donohue, Mr. Thomas J.

President’s Council

Armstrong, Ms. Alexandra
Bedingfield, Mr. Robert A.
Buffenbarger, Mr. R. Thomas
Daniels, Mr. Michael A.
Forster, Mr. Peter C.
Gerard, Mr. Jack N.
Hagerty, Mr. Bill
Metters, Dr. Samuel
Redd, Mr. L. Hugh
Smith, Ph.D., Dr. James E.
West, Jr., Hon. Togo D.
Wilson, Dr. James S.
Wood, Mr. Robert D.